MediWallet Account Sign Up

MediWallet allows you to pay for your contact lenses with affordable instalments over 3 or 18 months (first 3 months interest free).

Here are 5 BENEFITS of having a MediWallet account:

  1. MediWallet is a revolving credit facility, which means you can keep using your account to shop your contact lenses every month.
  2. You have 3 or up to 18 months to settle your account (first 3 months interest free).
  3. There is a network of medical partners you will have access to with your account.
  4. There is no penalty for settling early.
  5. A quick and easy application process with pre-approval in seconds.

For more information, visit

Contact us on or call 087 2100 336.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have completed the application and sent in your required documents, MediWallet administered by FeverTree, will complete the necessary checks and will contact you once your account is active and ready to use. Terms and conditions apply.

To APPLY, simply complete the form below.