Healthy Wear

For the ultimate soft contact lenses wearing experience make sure you follow these guides:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and dry with a clean towel before inserting and removing the contact lenses from your eyes.
  • If wearing monthly lenses clean one lens at a time by rubbing the lens in the palm of your hand with a few drops of the recommended solution or cleaning routine that your optometrist showed you.
  • Rinse the lens again to remove the loosened dirt. Gently massage the lens until clean (10-15 seconds)
  • Place the lens in your clean lens case or lens holder and fill with fresh solution; don't "top off" your old solution. Disinfecting kills microorganisms on the lens. Disinfection time varies from product to product; check the package for details.
  • Repeat the above steps for your other lens
  • Remember to never over use your contact lenses as this could result in undesired complications and loss of vision
  • Ask your optometrist about eye lubricates that would be best for you to rewet the lenses on your eyes for maximum comfort.


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